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"The Artis7 Overseas", a company with numerous years of experience in the field of filling up applications and counseling.

Our services include help people fill up applications online via the whole world and you can depend upon us with our staff experienced regarding your travelling . we have facilities for Schengen applications , Europe and universities all over the world

About Universities

Our firm believes that the right to learn is for all so we provide-for students so that they reach universities across the world through full scholarships or universities that are almost free.

Our services are:

Professionally applying for universities and scholarships.

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About volunteering

Volunteer to create change, we provide volunteering chances for a year or less all over the world and through our cooperation with associations that provide all the volunteering expenses for a year or less.

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About internship

Career, social, and academic training for all ages fully funded all across the world where you could improve yourself and abilities. You apply for these chances.

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Family reunion

We apply services of family reunion for residents of Germany

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